What Are Ottoman Beds? Their History, Types and Benefits

What Are Ottoman Beds? Their History, Types and Benefits

What is an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds utilise hydraulic or gas lift mechanisms to lift their bed frames and facilitate storage inside their bases. The space is feasible to store a variety of items including clothes, bedsheets and other household items.

Ottoman beds are among the highly popular bed types in the UK due to their massive storage option that allows you to keep your room de-cluttered and tidy. In this blog, we have explained the ottoman beds in detail, including their types, benefits and history. We have also explained the types of their opening mechanisms and how they are different from Divan beds.

History of Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds find their origin linked to the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. They originated when the Ottomans began to use the bases of their beds as storage compartments to store a variety of items in the 18th century. However, over the course of time, Ottoman beds have seen a considerable evolution in their styles, designs and lifting mechanisms to enhance their functionality and efficiency. We have explained all these details in the upcoming sections.

Types of Ottoman Beds

Types of Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are classified on the basis of their opening methods. There are three types of opening methods in the ottoman beds which are explained below.

Foot-opening ottoman beds

These beds are the most common type in the UK. They facilitate lifting at the foot end which is the reason behind their name. these beds are highly suitable for the smaller rooms and offer massive storage.

Side-opening ottoman beds

These beds are suitable for congested rooms where you cannot find enough space at the foot end to stand and lift the frame easily, they can be placed in the corner and can be lifted from one side of the bed.

Half-opening ottoman bed

These beds combine the storage features of both Ottoman beds and Divan beds. They facilitate a lifting mechanism from the foot side up to half of their lengths and feature Divan bed-styled drawers in the upper half of their base. these beds let you benefit from the features of both bed styles.

Why Should You Buy an Ottoman Bed?

Why Should You Buy an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds offer a number of advantages, including:

Extra Space for Storage

The foremost reason behind their popularity is the storage capacity. They offer a huge storage compartment underneath their bed frames that span throughout their base. you can use your bed to store a large number of household items including clothes, sheets, small appliances, etc.

Tidy Room

Ottoman beds help you in decluttering and organising your room, especially if it is a smaller one. They can accommodate a lot of bulky items and leave the room tidy and pleasing to the eyes which can improve your sleep quality as well.

Functional and Stylish

Ottoman beds are a perfect combination of style and functionality. They offer a number of style and design options that you can select from to complement your room’s décor style. They also present multiple finishes and lifting mechanisms for you to select from.

Easy to Lift and close

Their lifting mechanism uses gas or hydraulic systems to facilitate soft and easy opening and closing. They require very little force and offer slow opening and closing to avoid any accidental injury while operating them.

Ideal for Smaller Rooms

Owing to their storage facility, they are highly suitable for smaller rooms that do not have enough space to accommodate a cupboard or cabinets. They can store a large number of items without occupying any extra space.

Different Style Options

Ottoman beds offer versatile style options that range from traditional styles to modern ones. They can also be upholstered with different colours to enhance the vibrance of your room.

Size Options for Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are available in all sizes that you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Single Ottoman beds
  • Small double Ottoman beds
  • Double Ottoman beds
  • King-size Ottoman beds
  • Super king Ottoman beds

Ottoman Beds Vs Divan Beds

Ottoman Beds Vs Divan Beds

Although both bed types offer a massive storage facility, there are some key differences that distinguish them from each other. These differences include the following:

Storage Styles

The key difference between both bed styles is their storage styles. Ottoman beds feature a storage compartment all across their bed base that can be accessed by lifting the bedstead. Whereas Divan beds use large drawers inside their base to facilitate storage.

Mattress Options

Divan beds support a large number of mattress options due to their sturdy bedsteads. You can select from light mattresses, heavy mattresses, sprung mattresses and others. Whereas the Ottoman beds require lighter mattresses to support easy lifting of their bedsteads.


Ottoman beds normally use slatted bedsteads to keep their frame lighter and easier to lift. Their slats are usually curved to facilitate flexibility. On the other hand, Divan beds use a much firmer support for your mattress.

Space Requirement

Ottoman beds require smaller space as compared to Divan beds because their storage compartment can be accessed from the top, rather than from the sides like a Divan bed.

Storage and Weight Restrictions for Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds come with highly strong and sturdy bases that can hold an immense amount of weight easily. However, it is recommended that you follow the storage and weight guidelines from the manufacturer to avoid any damage.

Moreover, some Ottoman beds come with a simple fabric layer at the bottom of the base which allows you to fill up the storage compartment without the fear of overloading the floor will take all the weight.